Panasonic’s range of Refrigerators are packed with advanced cooling systems and features to help keep your produce fresher and crisper for longer.

High-humidity vegetable case


The high-humidity vegetable case maintains the ideal temperatures and humidity required for keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. The vegetable case can be securely locked to shut out cold air and maintain optimum conditions inside the crisper. It’s also incredibly spacious with plenty of room for even the biggest vegetables in your fridge such as celery, leeks and pumpkin.

Vitaminsafe compartment


The Vitaminsafe vegetable compartment is proven to protect vitamins in the food so you don’t lose nutritional goodness. It uses blue and green LED lights to mimic the sun helping keep your food fresher for even longer.

Surround cooling


With the Surround cooling feature, chilled air from the rear panel is distributed evenly throughout the refrigerator for gentle cooling and to maintain a constant temperature. It also stops your produce from becoming dehydrated.

Chilled case

Available on selected Panasonic refrigerators, the chilled case compartment maintains a constant temperature of 0˚C. It’s great for storing meat because if preserves freshness, and carbonated beverages – it perfectly chills without freezing them.

Ag antibacterial and deodorising filter

Panasonic’s Refrigerators range are equipped with a powerful AG clean silver-coated filter with antibacterial properties which cleans circulated air and deactivates mould and bacteria inside your refrigerator, and an active enzyme effectively eliminates unpleasant odours. This exceptional feature not only keeps your family healthy but it also keeps your refrigerator and food smelling fresh.