Panasonic's Refrigerators are packed with modern features ranging from revolutionary energy saving technologies and advanced cooling systems, to practical innovations that make life easier in the kitchen.

ECONAVI & INVERTER Refrigerators

Panasonic's range of Refrigerators offer smart technology, innovative features and attractive designs in a variety of sizes to suit any kitchen.

Our clever ECONAVI models not only monitor power consumption, they learn your usage patterns and adjust the cooling based on when you use the fridge.





It’s an eco-friendly choice

To protect the global environment, we have to reduce electricity and water consumption in the home. But this is troublesome and hard to maintain. With ECONAVI and Inverter, Panasonic provides an effective energy saving solution that doesn't place a burden on the user.


It’s an economical choice

Our technologies allow your appliances to run more efficiently, helping you save not only on energy consumption but also money.


Intelligent technology

Revolutionary ECONAVI and Inverter appliances determine conditions during use to automatically save energy. Based on these usage patterns energy input is adjusted accordingly resulting in effortless savings across the board.


User friendly

Panasonic makes it easy for everyone to make a difference and reduce our environmental footprint. With no tricky or complicated settings, you will enjoy all the benefits of our appliances hassle-free.