Enjoy the ultimate cooking experience with Panasonic’s large capacity Built-in Ovens. They have a wide-range of practical features which include catalytic coating and pyrolytic self-cleaning, smooth gliding extendable telescopic shelves, soft closing doors and user-friendly display panels. Available in black or stainless steel, their elegant and classic look will enhance any modern kitchen design.

Easy to Clean

Featuring our Pyrolytic self-cleaning system, residue is broken down into a fine ash at a very high temperature; meanwhile our Built-in Ovens with a highly-durable Catalytic liner break down greasy build-ups while cooking.

Safety Features


Our Built-in Ovens have ultra-cool doors which have an innovative cooling system ensuring the outer surface of the door stays as cool as possible, even when the oven cavity becomes scorching hot. In addition, our Built-in Ovens have been especially designed to close gently, quietly and safely.

Easy Operation


It’s easy and fast to prepare your favourite meals with the Auto Menu function. Panasonic’s Built-in Ovens calculate cooking times from weight, food types and heating modes. You can also customise recipes from the memory function. User-friendly control is also at your fingertips with the control panel, and controls are clear, intuitive and easily accessible.

Effective use of space & easy access


Preparing a feast for family and friends is a breeze. Our Built-in Ovens have smooth-gliding extendable telescopic shelves for easy access when you put in or take out a dish. This exceptional shelf design also allows for effective use of the interior oven cavity.