Cinema-like audio can be achieved at home by adding External Speakers to your TV, however not everyone has the space to install a complete Home Theatre System. This is where Soundbars come in. They deliver a rich bass and dynamic sound yet don’t take up too much room.

Looking for huge sound? Add a Panasonic Soundbar to your TV


Sensational Sound From a Small Body

Panasonic Soundbars deliver exceptional surround sound and their unique Delta Form Design means they easily fit underneath TVs or they can be mounted to a wall.


The speakers are uniquely shaped to suppress distortions and enhance bass, as well as produce crisp and clear sounds at high frequencies. Our Soundbar models are also equipped with a wireless down-firing subwoofer. By positioning its driver towards the floor, the additional speaker produces a more rich and powerful bass sound. This modern and elegant looking audio setup will let you enjoy a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your sofa.


Simple Smart Networking

They feature a new linkage function compatible with TV, Blu-ray, DVD Player or Smartphones. The Near Field Communication (NFC) function streamlines Bluetooth pairing with any NFC-compatible Smartphone. Wave your Smartphone over the One-touch Connection mark to easily connect your device. When Panasonic Soundbars are paired with a VIERA TV via HDMI, they can be easily controlled with a TV remote.